Craften Terminal 3.5.4 released

After further tests and discussions with you, we have once again a release full of magic and changes.

Each mod has one or more conditions. Often it is also not compatible with other mods. Until now, this information was only to be found in the mod description. However, with the following changelogitem everything is easier:

  • Dependencies and possible conflicts of mods are displayed

If you still encounter any errors, the following extension could now provide good support:

  • QuickFix Window
  • Clear the cache
  • Clean Forge-Config (new)
  • Clean Minecraft directory (new)
  • Ask the support

Besides the new design concept, including new beautiful logo, these are more interesting changes:

  • Players from the Craften Community Gameserver are displayed in the header of the programm.
  • Improved movement of the head.
  • New Logo
  • In case of crashes now an error report is saved and a message is displayed
  • Improved scrolling behavior of the chat and the shoutbox
  • New and better internal browser installed (so the setup is now slightly larger)
  • More bug fixes

Craften Terminal 3.5.1 released

A week ago, we released version 3.5. So this update is mainly a bugfix update.
Here are the changes:

  • Top right the currently installed Minecraft version is displayed. If mods are installed, they are also displayed when you move the mouse over it.
  • Better design options for the descriptions of Minecraft versions and mods by using a Markdown language.
  • From time to time we will update all descriptions. Until then, some descriptions might look a little odd.
  • Bugfix: Shoutbox has made the program freeze occasionally
  • Bugfix: Some YouTube links in the shoutbox were not recognized and therefore no preview is displayed.
  • Fix: Launcher is not installed correctly
  • Minor GUI changes and corrections

Now that the first bugs are fixed, we can work much more relaxed on version 3.5.2.
Stay tuned!
It will be awesome!