Workaround “Craften Terminal 4.0 does not start”

A needed config file seems to be excluded from our setup. Only those who participated in our beta phase got it already.
Now simple follow these steps and Craften Terminal should start normally:

  • Download the attachment and unzip it Craften Terminal.exe
  • Move the unzipped file into your Craften Terminal installation path
  • Done

An updated setup will come for sure.

Craften Terminal 4.0.1 released

We like that either, but this time we have two days after release of the new version 4.0 already publish the second bugfix update.
In the first update, which came shortly after the release, we had solved only urgent trifles, now we found but with your help, much bigger bugs, and so we come to this changelog:

  • Fixed crash when …
    • Clicking on some of the elements in the shoutbox
    • Viewing servers without favicon in the shoutbox
    • Show some descriptions
    • Changing the Minecraft version
    • Start of Craften Terminal
  • After changing the language Craften Terminal must be restarted now, so changes take effect
  • Sorting by players in the server list works again
  • Craften Terminal does not exit correctly after closing. This is now fixed.

This was hopefully the last first bugfix update, we finally do not want to exceed Mojang. 😉

If you have any problems, please send us detailed information about how and when it occurred! We have problems with the glass ball for several weeks and have not yet come to Diagon Alley to buy a new one.

Craften Terminal 4.0 released

ct40This morning at 2 clock it finally happened: After nearly five months, two betas and one Release Candidate, the new Craften Terminal 4.0 has finally been released. Download here.

The new version brings not only a completely revised design, but also many new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. The main novelty is probably the server list. Now you can quickly find new server with the plugins that you want to have and rate them if you like.

Excited about the new features? Here’s the changelog:

  • There is now a server list
  • Completely new design
  • Faster load times
  • The tray icon now has a context menu
  • There is a Jump List for Windows 7 and 8, so you can simply right-click on the icon in the taskbar for starting Minecraft or Craften Terminal
  • The login can be changed via the small arrow next to the play icon
  • Minecraft can only be started by clicking on the Play icon (bold because it was overlooked by many)
  • Data in the internal browser are now cached (better performance)
  • Mods can be rated with stars now
  • Global Mod-search added: for example, if you are seearching for “Pixelmon” in 1.7.2 you’ll get results from other minecraft versions, too!
  • Problems with version changes, especially with Forge resolved by cleaning forge config after change
  • More options in the shoutbox (among other things, we show you some tips there currently with pictures)
  • (Can be enabled in the settings) Minecraft can be automatically started in full screen mode now *
  • Avatars in the shoutbox
  • Videos for mods and Minecraft versions can be hidden
  • Greatly improved performance (much lower CPU load than 3.5.5)
  • updated translations
  • Beautiful Server field in the shoutbox *

marked with a * have been added since the RC

Unfortunately, there was, despite numerous tests this morning some problems for which we apologize again. We have just released an update that fixes this bug and improved three GUI trifles. Now everything works!
With this small update, we have fixed the following errors:

  • Launcher updated forever
  • Server download button is cut off
  • Name of the selected mods are not displayed when the window is too small
  • Craften Terminal does not exit correctly after closing Fixed in Version 4.0.1
  • Distances in the context menu of the tray icon are too small is back online

You have probably already noticed it (at least if you read this ) , but at this point once more officially : is online again.

After some problems have occurred on Thursday, we have moved the website on Friday. This would have led to a loss of up to 24 hours (according to experience less). If everything would have gone smoothly. Due to various problems that were not on our side, the homepage could , however, go back to the network only today .

Due to the failure not only the website, the forum and our blog were unavailable, but also Craften Terminal could not be started and crashed in some cases – without a error message.

We are really sorry and we hope that this will not happen again. Appropriate measures have been taken.
As for Craften Terminal we will change in the next version (3.6) a lot. So you , even if our website – for whatever reason – is not available ( or you have no Internet ) , can still use the Craften Terminal. Of course you will need internet to install any mods or change the version , but at least you can start the last changed version. The chat and the shoutbox would then not be affected by failures of the website.

Let’s hope for the best. Happy crafting !

Craften Terminal 3.5.5 released

Last time we have thought that we were done with version 3.5, but unfortunately we have found more bugs – and fixed it thankfully!

Here are the new features and the bug fixes!

  • Versions and mods can be opened from the browser in Craften Terminal via special links now (of which we are soon on our mod page make use of)
  • Servers can be accessed via special links (à la craftenterminal://join=! (For example, with this link)
  • The content of the speech bubble above is now changing from time to time
  • Bugfix: Crashbugs while chatting
  • Bugfix: Crash at startup
  • Bugfix: Server download worked only once per version

Now we really hope that we can focus on the next version and we no longer have to “annoy” you with updates. 😉

New Launcher and new Craften Terminal Beta

It’s time for a new beta! This beta release will be the last one before we’ll offer you the 3.5 version. Also we updated our Launcher to version 0.9.

Let’s see what has changed.


  • Complete new design. Hope you will love it as much as we do
  • The resources are loaded as soons as you logged in
  • We now give minecraft the correct parameters to start it with all the needed files (languages, sounds etc)


  • Shoutbox perfomance boost
  • Little GUI tweaks
  • Join and part messages are disabled in default
  • New info dialog
  • Bugfix: Fixed a startup bug while changing the language

These are just “little” changes. So we are extremly close to release version 3.5. Stay tuned!

Trackmania Server! Beat the time


This has nothing to do with minecraft but it’s a awesome game.
And because of that we hosted a own server 🙂 You can get more information over here:

If you don’t own the game yet, shame on you, just press the red button. We are waiting on the road.

And for those of you who like to beat everyone we also have a ranking system over here:

Hexxit Modpack


You frequently ask: “Can you add the hexxit modpack?” Well, we can’t include Modpacks from us in the terminal at the moment. BUT! in preperation to some further steps we’ll add all mods included in the hexxit modpack. See our progress below:
(Linked mods are already added)

  1. Armor Bar
  2. Artifice
  3. Asgardshield
  4. Backpacks
  5. Back Tools
  6. Hexxit Basemods
  7. BattleTowers
  8. BetterDungeons
  9. BetterStorage
  10. Bibliocraft
  11. BSPKRSCore
  12. BuffBar
  13. Chesttransporter
  14. Chococraft
  15. CodeChickenCore
  16. CofhCore
  17. CustomPort
  18. DamageIndicators
  19. Dimensional-Doors
  20. Ebxl
  21. EnchantingPlus
  22. Flesh2Leather
  23. HarkenScythe
  24. Hexxitgear
  25. ImmibisMicroblocks
  26. InfernalMobs
  27. InventoryTweaks
  28. LegendGear
  29. Mapwriter
  30. MeteorsMod
  31. MoreBows
  32. Natura
  33. NotEnoughItems(NEI)
  34. Obsidiplates
  35. Offlawn
  36. Projectzulu
  37. qCraft
  38. Ruins
  39. SecretRooms
  40. Soulshards
  41. TConstruct
  42. TreeCapitator
  43. TwilightForest
  44. WildCaves3
  45. XReliquary
  46. Hexxit Configs

ModSunday W43

It’s sunday again week 43 and that means new mods! But first free cookies for everyone. *I’m a cookie and I’m free*

As there are currently no important mods available for 1.7+ we extend 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2.
Some of you (100 Votes) wanted the Display Mod for 1.6.2. But unfortunately it is java 64 bit incompatible. So we can’t add that.

So whats new?

1.5.2 (475 Votes) ComputerCraft
1.6.2 (156 Votes) ComputerCraft
1.6.4 ComputerCraft

1.5.2 qCraft

1.6.4 (3000 Votes) Monster Hunter Frontier

1.6.4 Pixelmon

1.7.2 TooManyItems None-Forge

You can vote for mods over here

Craften Terminal 3.4.4


With 3.4.4 we introduce the interactive shoutbox. By detection of specific elements such as an IP (“”) or a chat channel (“# Craft Terminal”), completely new interaction possibilities arise.

  • Speed ​​improvements when starting
  • New server and channel information displays for the shoutbox
  • Wiki tab removed
  • Modlist was occasionally empty