Halloween event is over


Our special halloweeen event is over (because Halloween is actually over) and we have a winner! kingangelo2 found all the pumpkins and is now a “Pumpkin Catcher” for one month. He also won 5000 R! Congratulations!

Additionally, JOkiel won 2000 R and Jan_0608 won 1000 R!

Today, our server was unreachable for some time. We are very sorry but fortunally, we were able to locate the problem and easily fix it so that the server is now running again.

Community Server down!

Update 23:24 – The Server is back online! 🙂

Dear Community,

You will have noticed we had a few issues with our Craften Community Server in the recent days. Because of that we decided to rebuild our server to guarantee a stable server and a great Minecraft experience.

The server will be back online later in the evening.

Thank you for your understanding.

New Admin Shop and Server Team Newbies

Since yesterday evening we got two new Server Admins in our team: ColaGerman and MarkusK96. Both spend lots of time on our Server and we are glad to welcome them in our team.

Our second Admin Duracellhase, known as the excellent architect of our spawn and lots of other buildings in the build world (like the jail, his own house or the new shop), left the team because of personal reasons. Of course he does not leave us completely and gets a special rank as ‘Hackerschreck’ (moderator).

As most of you may have noticed, we implemented a new admin shop. It does not contain all items, like planned before, but lots more items than the old shop around the spawn. Enjoy shopping!


New rules for MC4Free

Our latest feature, giving away free minecraft codes, runs  smoothly. After one week we gave away two codes! It’s time to tweak the rules to make it more interesting for you.

The old rule was to count a visit once a day with a 7500 goal. Now we give you 6 visits per day and the goal is 45000 (7500*6). You can visit the site more strategic. Team up as a team to fill the bar and try to grab the code for yourself.

Either way we congratulate the winners, who can now play their favourite game the legal way!


Back online!

Our Community Server is back online! Have fun!

We just removed iConomy to solve the lag problems. The new economy plugin should have a better performance. We also updated the rankings and player profiles to use the new plugin and migrated your balances.