New Launcher and new Craften Terminal Beta

It’s time for a new beta! This beta release will be the last one before we’ll offer you the 3.5 version. Also we updated our Launcher to version 0.9.

Let’s see what has changed.


  • Complete new design. Hope you will love it as much as we do
  • The resources are loaded as soons as you logged in
  • We now give minecraft the correct parameters to start it with all the needed files (languages, sounds etc)


  • Shoutbox perfomance boost
  • Little GUI tweaks
  • Join and part messages are disabled in default
  • New info dialog
  • Bugfix: Fixed a startup bug while changing the language

These are just “little” changes. So we are extremly close to release version 3.5. Stay tuned!

Craften Terminal 3.4.6 beta 1 released

It’s finally there! After about two months of development, we are ready to release a new beta version of Craften Terminal!

We recoded almost everything to make everything faster and much more stable (well, let’s see how stable…)


  • Remade many features
  • “Crypted” text is now animated in Minecraft server description boxes in the shoutbox
  • Minor design enhancements
  • Improved mod search, mod categories are working once again
  • New Craften Launcher (fixes many bugs with new Minecraft versions!)
  • Many small improvements. You might not actually see everything but it’s there.

Craften Terminal 3.4.3 and Craften Launcher 0.6 released

After a rich beta test a new version of Craften Terminals has finally been released! Also the Craften Launcher has been updated.

Crafting Launcher:
As have some of you had problems starting the crafting Launcher, we developed it again based on Java 1.6 and it contains no more JavaFX. This required a complete redesign of the UI. The minimum requirement is now java 1.6. For those of you who want to take a look into the source code:

Craften Terminal:
The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Error when starting the Craften Launcher
  • Error when retrieving the Minecraft server connection data under Windows 8/8.1
  • Fixed crash when starting Minecraft or the Craften Launcher with a faulty Java installation – Fixed several bugs in the chat

We implemented a tour guide to help people with less experience.
Once you look at the status bar of the terminal you’ll realize new buttons. You will gain direct access to the tour guide and a button to start Minecraft as quick as possible.
Also notice our deeper integration of “Direct-Join”. You’ll now be able to create shortcuts on your desktop to directly enter a channel!

New Craften Terminal Beta released

Without saying a word we published a new beta version of Craften Terminal yesterday, so it’s time to tell you what changed and why you should download it!

The changelog isn’t very long but the changes are important, we recommend the new beta to everyone who has problems launching Minecraft.

  • Redesign of Craften Launcher to fix compatibility issues with JavaFX (thank you, Oracle…)
    • Fixes problems launching Minecraft
  • Fixed errors when retrieving server information after clicking on an IP in chat or shoutbox on Windows 8/8.1

Craften Terminal 3.4.2 and Craften Launcher 0.5 released

Our programms are now in new versions available. It is just a minor release. So we mainly focused on bug-fixes and performance issues.

The Craften Launcher now has a new feature. Direct connect is now available for you. Also we spent time in fixing login issues. So now you get more comprehensive error messages. If you don’t know whether you should use your Minecraft account name or your email-address, just click on the link right underneath the textbox.

Craften Terminal got some bug fixes as well. For example the chat now runs more smothly. We fixed some issues with joining other channels. Also we fixed some major issues with Windows XP and .Net Framework 4.0, which caused some programm crashes. Also we are proud to introduce the direct connect. Just click on a ip-address and you join this minecraft-server. If you have an other minecraft-version installed, you can just change it.

Important!!! You have to update your java installation to at least version 7 update 40.