is back online

You have probably already noticed it (at least if you read this ) , but at this point once more officially : is online again.

After some problems have occurred on Thursday, we have moved the website on Friday. This would have led to a loss of up to 24 hours (according to experience less). If everything would have gone smoothly. Due to various problems that were not on our side, the homepage could , however, go back to the network only today .

Due to the failure not only the website, the forum and our blog were unavailable, but also Craften Terminal could not be started and crashed in some cases – without a error message.

We are really sorry and we hope that this will not happen again. Appropriate measures have been taken.
As for Craften Terminal we will change in the next version (3.6) a lot. So you , even if our website – for whatever reason – is not available ( or you have no Internet ) , can still use the Craften Terminal. Of course you will need internet to install any mods or change the version , but at least you can start the last changed version. The chat and the shoutbox would then not be affected by failures of the website.

Let’s hope for the best. Happy crafting !

New rules for MC4Free

Our latest feature, giving away free minecraft codes, runs  smoothly. After one week we gave away two codes! It’s time to tweak the rules to make it more interesting for you.

The old rule was to count a visit once a day with a 7500 goal. Now we give you 6 visits per day and the goal is 45000 (7500*6). You can visit the site more strategic. Team up as a team to fill the bar and try to grab the code for yourself.

Either way we congratulate the winners, who can now play their favourite game the legal way!