Craften Terminal 4.0 released

ct40This morning at 2 clock it finally happened: After nearly five months, two betas and one Release Candidate, the new Craften Terminal 4.0 has finally been released. Download here.

The new version brings not only a completely revised design, but also many new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. The main novelty is probably the server list. Now you can quickly find new server with the plugins that you want to have and rate them if you like.

Excited about the new features? Here’s the changelog:

  • There is now a server list
  • Completely new design
  • Faster load times
  • The tray icon now has a context menu
  • There is a Jump List for Windows 7 and 8, so you can simply right-click on the icon in the taskbar for starting Minecraft or Craften Terminal
  • The login can be changed via the small arrow next to the play icon
  • Minecraft can only be started by clicking on the Play icon (bold because it was overlooked by many)
  • Data in the internal browser are now cached (better performance)
  • Mods can be rated with stars now
  • Global Mod-search added: for example, if you are seearching for “Pixelmon” in 1.7.2 you’ll get results from other minecraft versions, too!
  • Problems with version changes, especially with Forge resolved by cleaning forge config after change
  • More options in the shoutbox (among other things, we show you some tips there currently with pictures)
  • (Can be enabled in the settings) Minecraft can be automatically started in full screen mode now *
  • Avatars in the shoutbox
  • Videos for mods and Minecraft versions can be hidden
  • Greatly improved performance (much lower CPU load than 3.5.5)
  • updated translations
  • Beautiful Server field in the shoutbox *

marked with a * have been added since the RC

Unfortunately, there was, despite numerous tests this morning some problems for which we apologize again. We have just released an update that fixes this bug and improved three GUI trifles. Now everything works!
With this small update, we have fixed the following errors:

  • Launcher updated forever
  • Server download button is cut off
  • Name of the selected mods are not displayed when the window is too small
  • Craften Terminal does not exit correctly after closing Fixed in Version 4.0.1
  • Distances in the context menu of the tray icon are too small

Server advent calendar: 24 gifts for you


The picture on the right shows what we prepared for you this christmas: An advent calendar!

Until decembre 24th, you can open one window each day and receive items, blocks and some ingame money. You just need to be online on our server, click on the correct window and enter your nickname!

That should make waiting for Santa a lot easier, right?

Notice: Every player can only open every window once. Also, you can only open the window for the current day – check back everyday!

Updated server to 1.6.4

Looking for a new 1.7-Bukkit release, we saw that there is a recommended build for Bukkit 1.6.4 since thursday. As that update is needed to migrate from 1.6.x to 1.7, we just updated our server.

Normally, nothing should be broken by this update. But if you get any errors, feel free to drop us a mail or a comment!

ModSunday W43

It’s sunday again week 43 and that means new mods! But first free cookies for everyone. *I’m a cookie and I’m free*

As there are currently no important mods available for 1.7+ we extend 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2.
Some of you (100 Votes) wanted the Display Mod for 1.6.2. But unfortunately it is java 64 bit incompatible. So we can’t add that.

So whats new?

1.5.2 (475 Votes) ComputerCraft
1.6.2 (156 Votes) ComputerCraft
1.6.4 ComputerCraft

1.5.2 qCraft

1.6.4 (3000 Votes) Monster Hunter Frontier

1.6.4 Pixelmon

1.7.2 TooManyItems None-Forge

You can vote for mods over here

Community Server down!

Update 23:24 – The Server is back online! 🙂

Dear Community,

You will have noticed we had a few issues with our Craften Community Server in the recent days. Because of that we decided to rebuild our server to guarantee a stable server and a great Minecraft experience.

The server will be back online later in the evening.

Thank you for your understanding.

New Admin Shop and Server Team Newbies

Since yesterday evening we got two new Server Admins in our team: ColaGerman and MarkusK96. Both spend lots of time on our Server and we are glad to welcome them in our team.

Our second Admin Duracellhase, known as the excellent architect of our spawn and lots of other buildings in the build world (like the jail, his own house or the new shop), left the team because of personal reasons. Of course he does not leave us completely and gets a special rank as ‘Hackerschreck’ (moderator).

As most of you may have noticed, we implemented a new admin shop. It does not contain all items, like planned before, but lots more items than the old shop around the spawn. Enjoy shopping!


Craften Terminal 3.4.1 released

We just released the first update for Craften Terminal 3.4! It does not only contain bugfixes (for example it fixes the “piano2 bug” and crashes when loading the version list) but also adds some neat small features!

Since 3.4 you can vote whether a mod combination works. But that’s not the only thing you want to know about a mod you don’t know yet, right? You might aswell want to know if it is worth trying. So we added a voting function for single mods!

We also updated Craften Launcher so that it is able to launch the latest Minecraft snapshots. Why are you reading this when you could check out the awesome new world generator?

Finally, we simplified the chat a little – at least we hope so. You don’t need to enter a nickname anymore to join the chat. Just click on “Chat” and you’ll be connected as guest. If you have a name (most people seem to have at least one), you may change it by clicking “Change nickname”. It’s as easy as that and the next time you log in to our chat, this nickname is used automatically.

Notice for nerds: The update is not actually version 3.4.1 but 3.4.4997 as you may have seen in the setup. But talking about a version with a name you can’t remember is just not cool so we now introduce version numbers as you know them from Minecraft. With Craften Terminal 3.5 (yes, we already work on that), the versions will really be what we call them.